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10 reasons why you should shift to LED lights at your home front

LED is the new technology in the lighting segment . The world over people are adapting this new technology very fast! Here are the top 10 reasons why.

Long Life:

Compared to the lifespan of the old incandescent bulb, the lifespan of a LED light is far superior. Experts say that the life of LED bulbs can be as high as 40X. Hence a LED light can last from 6 upto 12 years.

They Save Energy:

LED bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs. You save on electricity cost. They use 30% of the energy of traditional bulbs. You save Power and Money in the process. 

They're Environment friendly:

LED bulbs are environmentally friendly than regular bulbs as they produce less heat. LED bulbs need less energy. 

No Heat & UV Emissions:

Many traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs turn more than 90% of the energy they use to heat, using the remaining 10% of energy to actual light production. LEDs emit almost no heat, and most of the light they emit is within the visible spectrum.

They're Bright & Clear:

LED bulbs these bulbs are also very bright and clear.

Design Flexibility:

LEDs are very small and hence can be used for an array of designs both at the home and industrial front.


Due to the rising popularity of the LED technology, these are widely available all across the markets in all traditional electrical stores.


LED can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations of heat and cold unlike traditional lightings.

Lesser Fixture Required:

LED fixtures can direct their light in various beam angles for different applications. Replacing old light fixtures can result in less LED fixtures required.

High CRI:

LED lights have a higher CRI or Colour Rendering Index than other lights. This is the measurement of how accurately a light source renders colour.


To summarize, LED bulbs have great advantages over normal traditional bulbs. They are cheaper to use, last much longer and environment friendly. You should plan to switch to LED bulbs now. It is a great home investment!

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