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Why should we shift to LED bulbs from standard bulbs in our homes?

LED lighting is the reflection of the latest development in the lighting sector. The Energy Efficiency & the Long lifespan of LED technology holds the key to the switch over that we are witnessing both at the residential and commercial sectors in the way people brighten their spaces by reducing the cost of electricity and overall energy use.

What is LED lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED is a semiconductor device, generating light through a process called Electroluminescence. When you pass an electric current through semiconductor material, it emits visible light.

In recent times people have been switching onto to LED bulbs from conventional bulbs at their homes. In general the understanding is that LEDs save energy and hence money in the long run. If you are a customer of a home service that uses LED bulbs, it is essential to be mindful of the following few more facts: 

The Benefits of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs can offer many benefits that people may not be aware of. Some of these benefits include: Reducing power consumption, Saving money on your electricity bill, Creating more natural light in your home & LEDs are environmental friendly. Let’s learn some more of these facts in details.

Long Lifespan: Compared to the lifespan of the average incandescent bulb, the lifespan of a LED light is 40X superior. The average incandescent bulb lasts about a thousand hours. The lifespan of an average LED light is 50,000 hours. Hence an LED light can last anywhere from six to 12 years before you need to replace it.

They Save Energy: LED bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs, meaning you will save money on your electricity bill. LEDs are more efficient than conventional bulbs, so they run cooler and produce less heat. LEDs use about 30% of the energy of traditional bulbs, so you can use them in places where you cannot use standard bulbs. This means you can save Power and Money in the process. If you replaced all the lighting at your home, office or other facility with LEDs, savings should be as much as a 60% to 70%. In some cases, energy efficiency could be as great as 90%. This Energy Savings shall directly benefit your Energy Bill which will nosedive with the savings. Switching to LED is the best investment.

They're Better For The Environment: LED bulbs are more Environmentally friendly than regular bulbs because they produce much lesser heat. LED bulbs use less energy. LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly than regular bulbs, as they use a less harmful light bulb type. Some traditional lights manufacturing use materials that are not environmental friendly and need special care for handling. Not the case with LED bulbs. This makes them perfect for those who care about the environment and want to save energy. 

No Heat & UV Emissions: Many traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs turn more than 90% of the energy they use to heat, using the remaining 10% of energy to actual light production. LEDs emit almost no heat, and most of the light they emit is within the visible spectrum.

They're Bright And Clear: LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several benefits over traditional light bulbs. One of the most popular types of LED bulbs is the grow-your-own type. You can easily install this type of LED bulb without a professional's help. In addition to their popularity, these bulbs are also very bright and clear.

Design Flexibility: LEDs are very small and hence can be used for an array of designs both at the home and industrial front.

Low Voltage Operations: LEDs are capable to operate on very low voltage hence making them very useful in all types of environments.

Final Thought

In conclusion, LED bulbs have huge advantages over regular bulbs. They are cheaper to operate, produce less light, last much longer and environment friendly. If you are considering switching to LED bulbs, do that now. It can be the best investment you would have made at your home or office. LED bulbs are the future of home lighting and should be made a part of your home decoration!

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